Le temps de la rue 15 Feb 2017 – 26 Feb 2017 Paris 14th

We have selected several artists including two collectives who represent the movements of Urban Art in all their difference: We have the honor to find Cannibal Letters and its inlaid lettering in urban landscapes with ghetto-like looks, the EvazéSir NRC collective which through its love of recycling teleports us into retro universes where anonymous characters observe us, the LF crew collective which reminds us of the very soul of graffiti by dazzling us with their various styles (Anis, Snez, Reoner, Swar, Beplus, Jibe.P, Spoale), JBC which illuminates us with its contemporary iconography which oscillates between present figures and past figures, Tempo which lightens us by transforming everything it touches into a soap bubble, Minuit, digital artist who will make you vibrate by his sound and light installations, and Onsept who will present to us a canvas echoing his installation at Lab14, Costik alias Léonar and his new imagery.